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Rolling Stone Ron Wood has revealed that during the pandemic he’s battled back from another bout of cancer. The 73-year-old guitarist told Britain’s The Sun: “I’ve had cancer two different ways now. I had lung cancer in 2017 and I had small-cell more recently that I fought in the last lockdown. I came through with the all-clear.” Small-cell carcinoma is a fast-growing type of lung cancer commonly caused by smoking.

The now-sober Wood spoke about what he’s been plotting while on lockdown: “I’m just as busy as ever but nowadays I can remember what I’m doing. The music is still throbbing away. I’ve got a new album recorded at the Royal Albert Hall with Mick Taylor and my band — a tribute to Jimmy Reed called Mr. Luck. I used to never stop. It must have been relentless to be around me, just crazy the stuff I did. I was erratic but none of my enthusiasm has gone.”

Ron Wood, who first recorded with the Stones in 1974, first toured with them in ’75, and became an official member the next year — holds the distinction of being the last “new” Rolling Stone. He recalled first meeting the band back in the 1960’s: “I remember hanging out with the Stones in Olympic (Studios), uh, when I first met them with the Faces — the Small Faces — y’know, when I used to hang out with them. But many good memories of parties, because Olympic used to have three different studios. You’d have, like, the Faces in one, the Stones in another, David Bowie in another, it was just like, everyone would meet in the canteen — like, ‘How’s it goin’?’ ‘Alright.’”


Ron Wood will release a new signed, limited-edition print in support of Turn Up For Recovery, the charitable movement established to spread awareness of abstinence-based recovery through music founded by Eric Clapton‘s wife, Melia Clapton. According to the press release, “Affirmation I” is the first in a series of “vibrant Affirmation artworks” created by Wood and inspired by an important part of his personal recovery.

“Affirmations” are important tools in recovery, comprising short, positive messages that are repeated “to encourage change in the way we think and to help maintain emotional and mental resilience through this transformative period.”

Depicting a message of positivity and inspiration, the When I Take Care of Myself I Can Achieve Anything, print is signed by Ron Wood and available as a numbered edition of 500 priced at around $550, with 50 percent of the proceeds going to Turn Up For Recovery.

Affirmation I is available to purchase starting at 3pm GMT, on Tuesday, (April 27th) via https://store.digitalstores.co.uk/ronniewood

Ron Wood said in a statement:

Affirmations have become a really valuable part of my recovery and have always really inspired me along the way. I know how hard it must’ve been for a lot of people who couldn’t get to meetings during lockdown and who have had a really challenging time during this past year. I know that painting and reading have certainly helped me this past twelve months.

I wanted to create this print in support for Turn Up For Recovery to highlight the incredible work they do. It really does make a huge difference to so many lives.”