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Night Ranger will release its first new album in four years when ATBPO drops on August 6th. The album, which is being dubbed, “an ode to making music during the Covid era,” features the just-released lead single, “Breakout.” ATBPO, which stands for “And The Band Played On,” will be available on CD and several limited edition, color vinyl versions, as well as digitally across all streaming platforms

Bassist Jack Blades spoke about recording the sessions in the face of Covid, saying, “The process was strange but the outcome rocks.”

Drummer Kelly Keagy added: “This record was incredibly hard to do as we could not be in a room together with all the Covid-19 issues that were going on. But sometimes you do your best work when there’s a deadline approaching.”

Guitarist Brad Gillis explained: “It’s been a crazy but fun task trying to write and finish this new record in a Covid situation. A few Zoom video gatherings got us started. With everybody in the band having their own home studios, we were all able to elaborate and add our own textures to each song. As a vintage guitar collector, I was able to add some great classic sounds to rhythm and solos using my ’57 Strat and ’52 Goldtop! I hope everyone enjoys the record!”

Jack Blades told us that even after all these years, he and Kelly Keagy are still the best of friends both on and off the stage: “Well, Kelly and I, it’s pretty funny with Kelly, because we hang out all the time on the road. Kelly and I are the ones, that, like, y’know, you wake up in the morning after a long bus ride (and) I’ll get up at nine or 10, and we’re texting each other — ‘Coffee. Starbucks. Where is it? Let’s go.’ I mean, we’re always like, ‘Hey — let’s go out and look in some junk shops, let’s hit some antique shops, let’s do this. . . Hey, you wanna take a walk? Let’s go outside, let’s breathe some air.’ Kelly and I do everything together, I mean, on the road. We’re pretty much brothers to the bone. As silly as that sounds, that’s still the way it is, and I think it’s really fortunate that it’s that way.”

The tracklisting to Night Ranger’s ATBPO is:

“Coming For You”
“Bring It All Home To Me”
“Hard To Make It Easy”
“Can’t Afford A Hero”
“Cold As December”
“The Hardest Road”
“A Lucky Man”