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Original Foreigner frontman Lou Gramm has rolled out his initial 2023 tour dates. As it stands now, Gramm and his band will kick things off on June 13th South Bend, Indiana with dates on the books through November 4th when they play St. Charles, Illinois.

Over the years — and especially back in the day — Foreigner, like Journey, Boston, and Styx — were dubbed by critics as being “corporate” rock bands. Lou Gramm also squashes any rumors that Foreigner was put together by a corporation: “I don’t even know how that story got started. That a corporation picked the members of the band? That’s the farthest thing from the truth. We had auditions just like every other band — and people who quit and people who decided to stay. But a corporate band? I don’t think the music was corporate. How could you call ‘Dirty White Boy’ corporate?”

JUST ANNOUNCED: Lou Gramm All Stars tour dates (subject to change):

June 13 – South Bend, IN
July 1 – Arlington Heights, IL
July 22 – Paso Robles, CA
July 29 – Hallowell, ME
August 4 – Winnipeg, MB
August 6 – Minnedosa, MB
August 19 – Milford, CT
September 12 – Wooster, OH
September 16 – Oklahoma City, OK
October 7 – Rochester, NY
November 2 – Des Plaines, IL
November 4 – St. Charles, IL