Fox Rock Weekends

The Fox ROCKS your Weekends! Another perk of being live and local seven days a week is bringing you weekends that ROCK! It’s another world-famous Fox Rock Weekend on 103.9 The Fox! The Legends of Flint Radio come together to spin the legends of Classic Rock! We’ll launch another Fox Rock Weekend this Friday at 5pm!


Jeremy Fenech 5pm – 7pm

Andre Peters 7pm – 12am



Jim Hughes 6am – 10am

Mark Simons 10am – 3pm

Dale Willis 3pm – 7pm

Wiseguy 7pm – 9pm

DJ Chachi 9pm – 10pm

Wiseguy 10pm – 12am



Larry McCray 8am – 10am

Kelly Stevens 10am – 3pm

Mark Simons 3pm – 7pm

Jim Hughes 7pm – 12am


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