EJ Fox

EJ Fox

EJ Fox has been called a bon vivant and a raconteur. He has also been called a charlatan and a trompeur. Because he was born in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan he has no idea what any of that means. With a limited vocabulary and no discernible skills radio was an obvious choice. EJ is happy to be part of the staff at 103.9 because he can already spell Fox.

EJ lost both his hearing and virginity at a Robin Trower concert at legendary Cobo Arena. He’s been hooked on classic rock since. He says he still “gets all tingly” when he hears Bridge of Sighs and vows to name his firstborn Caledonia… unless its a boy, then it’ll be Eagle of Love.

Listen to EJ Fox Saturday afternoons from 3pm to 7pm on 103.9 The Fox!


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