Roy Moore

Roy Moore | Weekdays 10am-3pm

Born & raised in Michigan. Graduated from Woodhaven High School. Go Warriors! Then graduated from Specs Howard School Of Media Arts! Go … Speckies? In the radio business for 20 years now. Married to my beautiful wife Beth for 20 years. Bless Her Heart! We have 2 boys, Rustin & Dylan. 3 dogs, a black lab named Coal, a chocolate lab named Cedar & a Husky named Wolfie. But the leader of the pack is Billy The Cat … He has thumbs. He was found near the landfill, so that might explain a few things! This is the 14th year at Flint’s Classic Rock Authority, weekdays 10a-3p! Call with your Lunch-Time requests (810) 230-9777 or e-mail! Keep your stick on the ice & Let’s Rock!!!


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