Johnny Burke

In addition to listening to Johnny Burke on 103.9 The Fox, you can watch Johnny Burke Live weekday mornings on Facebook Live and Periscope!

Johnny is originally from the Cleveland, Ohio area, and loves to point out, when confronted about his Ohio loyalties, that at least two of U of M’s gridiron stars also graduated from Cleveland St. Joe’s High School: Elvis Grbac and Desmond Howard. After he graduated from St. Joe’s, Johnny went to Kent State University, learning how to lob tear gas canisters, and dodge bullets.

Starting to work in radio during his freshman year in college, 1972, Burke quickly realized that he could talk for hours, without really saying anything. This prepares you for one of two careers, and Johnny realized early on, that politics was not for him!

In 1980, two days after marrying his beautiful wife, Genevieve, Burke moved to Flint. Starting at WTRX in 1980, he went on to work in Las Vegas, and Buffalo, New York, before returning to Mid-Michigan at WHNN, and moving to Frankenmuth with his wife, 3 kids, and a dog that refuses to listen. After 25+ years there, Johnny left WHNN, and ended up at 103.9 The Fox, where he can be heard weekday mornings.



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