Andre Peters

Andre Peters

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Born in a pink Cadillac at a Bill Haley & the Comets concert.  The only kid in kindergarten with sideburns and a D.A. just like Elvis.  By the fourth grade it was a mop top and Beatle Boots.  In Junior High it was a combination of all 4 of my boys, circa the White Album.  Platforms,  like Bowie and Mott the Hoople, in High School.


By graduation time I was hooked on vinyl.  Wound up working in a record wholesaler to get my fix.  But, just like any addiction, the more you get, the more you want.  Was up to 4 – 5 albums a day, not to mention the 45’s.  Oh the 45’s!  It got so bad, to the point where I joined the Dark Side, the dreaded record company.  First one, then another.  A blur of never ending parties and of course, more vinyl.  Then one day I woke up from the party haze and the vinyl had gone.  Not the music, just the vinyl.  Replaced by these shiny little discs.  It took a while to wean off the original habit, but it seems I was now hooked on CD’s.  Addictive personality I guess.


But anyway, left the record biz to do what I really wanted to do, get people hooked just like me!  Adrian, Detroit, Toledo, and finally Flint, where to this day, I’m still kickin’ and still tryin’ to get people hooked on Rock and Roll!  The beat goes on.


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