The Fox $5,000 Cash Giveaway



One LOCAL station, one LOCAL contest, $25,000 to 103.9 The Fox’s Mid-Michigan listeners in 2019 alone! It’s easy to win $5,000 from 103.9 The Fox, just ask “Five Grand Ann” Kaufeld of Flint, Roger “5K” Fifield of Burton, Travis “Turn-Key” Turnbull of Durand and Tyler “Cash” Cox of Holly and Lonnie “Moneybags” Morrow of Burton!

At 103.9 The Fox, we are proud to be locally owned and operated.  That means no corporate-controlled radio, and no nationwide contests here!  Every winner with The Fox $5,000 Cash Giveaway is from Mid-Michigan, and we’re very proud of that!  One station, one contest, $25,000 in 2019 alone! Many corporate radio stations in Flint claim to give away $5,000. But it’s usually a nationwide contest, and there is rarely a local grand prize winner.  When there is a local winner, all of their local stations claim it’s “their” winner.

103.9 The Fox is proud to be Mid-Michigan’s only remaining locally owned FM radio station. The fact that WRSR is owned by a small company doesn’t stop The Fox doing HUGE cash giveaways! Ann Kaufeld of Flint was the first grand prize winner scoring a cool $5K when the key she picked, number 65, was the key that opened the chest and netted her five thousand dollars in Free Fox Money!

Roger Fifield of Burton was the second person to win the big $5,000 Cash Prize!

Travis Turnbull of Durand was the first BIG winner this Fall with The Fox $5,000 Cash Giveaway!


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