Cocoa Pebbles vs. Cocoa Krispies? What Say You?

Cocoa Pebbles vs. Cocoa Krispies? What Say You?

My wife may have broken her foot last night (we’re waiting on an x-ray to confirm). So while she was lying there in agony trying to fall asleep last night, I tried to cheer her up with some humorous distractions. I brought up her feminine hygiene products as I sang “I will love you so for always”, you know, that love song from Atlantic Starr?

Then we somehow ended up talking about cereal. She mentioned to me that Cocoa Pebbles and Cocoa Krispies were the same. I was half tempted to break her other foot! They are distinctly different!

Maybe it’s because I was born a Flintstone and she, well… wasn’t. Maybe it’s because she was born in 1984 and I watched them film Fred & Barney live. I will agree that the Kellogg’s concoction is tastey. But a ‘krispy’ isn’t, and should never be compared to a ‘pebble’.

What is your favorite breakfast cereal? What is a close similarity… but NOT your favorite cereal?


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